Knot Tying Pad


Our SynAtomy knot tying pad is designed to allow users to practice and repeat basic suturing and knot-tying skills. The pads include multiple openings and complex shapes in a variety of sizes.

Basic model construction employs a hybrid tissue made from simplified versions of our SynTissue brand synthetic human skeletal muscle and fibrous fascia.

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SynTissue brand synthetic human tissue components are designed on the basis of physical tests performed on actual living tissue, and each synthetic tissue is validated (tensile modulus, abrasion resistance, penetration force, coefficient of friction, thermal conductivity, dielectric constant, etc.) under the same physical conditions as the live tissue it is designed to simulate. The resulting synthetic tissue responds to stimulus much like the real living tissue.

Relevant Skills: Incisions, suturing, stapling and application of adhesives.

Equipment Compatibility: Laser scalpels, electrocautery and RF ablation devices, harmonic blades, monopolar and bipolar devices, plasma knives, ultrasound equipment and all known imaging equipment.

Included Components: A tissue pad manufactured from a hybrid of synthetic human skeletal muscle and fibrous fascia.

Available Options: If you require custom tissues, dimensions or modified mechanical properties please call and ask to speak to one of our technical sales representatives.

Dimensions: Pads are square and 15cm on a side. Overall thickness is 7-10mm.

Docs: SynDaver Care and Storage Guide, Print Friendly Information Sheet

Extraordinary Features: SynTissue synthetic human tissues made from salt, water and fiber – which feature the world’s most realistic tactility.

All of our products are made in the USA.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in