SynDaver is growing at a very rapid pace and we are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals from all imaginable backgrounds to add to our growing family.

Intelligence is important, but at SynDaver we value loyalty, humility, honesty, reliability and motivation above all other attributes. People come here to save the world—not just collect a paycheck. Our employee pool is first of all made up of inherently good people, but they are also eclectic, imaginative and diverse, including PhDs and DVMs, as well as technicians, artists, cosmetologists, beekeepers and candlestick makers. A college degree is preferred but not required. The combination of outstanding employees and a new-idea-friendly environment make SynDaver the most innovative company in the healthcare simulation industry.

Working for SynDaver carries an extensive menu of benefits, including employee stock ownership, insurance (health, dental, vision and life), 12 paid holidays per year (including a full week at Christmas) and an additional 12 days of paid leave time.


We frequently have openings for talented production technicians, CAD designers and engineers. Regional Sales Representative positions are also frequently available. Sales candidates are expected to have experience in the medical device, pharmaceutical, simulation or other technology industries. If you think you have what it takes to join us fill out the application form, but first read these two articles:

Guaranteed Keys to Success

Never Complain – Never Explain

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