Anatomy and Physiology 1 Manual


Anatomy and Physiology I Lab Manual with SynDaver Anatomy is a comprehensive lab manual specifically designed for students planning to enter health-related professions.

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From the back cover:

  • LAB ACTIVITIES: Each chapter has clearly written lab activities, including step by step instructions, diagrams, photos, and background content needed to assist you in fully understanding the concepts explored in lab.
  • FULL COLOR ART: The book is loaded with full-color artwork in all chapters.
  • PRE- and POST-LAB ACTIVITIES: Each chapter includes integrated tear-out pre-lab and review pages to help you prepare for lab and to review concepts following lab.
  • SURFACE ANATOMY: Human surface anatomy, with descriptions as well as photos of various surface anatomy features, is incorporated throughout the book.
  • NEW! SYNDAVER ANATOMY! (SynDavers are state-of-the-art synthetic cadavers.) The lab manual features SynDaver Anatomy (muscles, vessels, nerves, and internal organs), including dissection and identification of various structures. They SynDaver content is extensive with numerous full color photos to assist you in identification and learning.
  • UNIQUE: A unique aspect to this lab manual is the integration of “Clinical Applications” and personal stories in each chapter, which apply content under study to “real-life” situations. These sections often provide the answers to the “So What?, Who Cares?, or Why is this important?” questions that students often ask when learning the concepts and details of anatomy.

Pages: 537
ISBN: 978-0-9972005-7-7
Publisher: Soleil Books

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