SynDaver Synthetic Human Supporting Wound Research


Scientists at Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio (NAMRU-SA) are among the first to use the SynDaver Synthetic Human (SSH), an anatomically accurate synthetic human replica, to support test and evaluation efforts that aim to characterize the performance and effectiveness of various treatment modalities used in combat casualty care.

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synjoshSynDaver Synthetic Human Supporting Wound Research

Archives of Plastic Surgery: A Cost Analysis

Development of a Five-Day Basic Microsurgery Simulation Training Course: A Cost Analysis

The widespread use of microsurgery in numerous surgical fields has increased the need for basic microsurgical training outside of the operating room. The traditional start of microsurgical training has been in undertaking a 5-day basic microsurgery course. In an era characterised by financial constraints in academic and healthcare institutions as well as increasing emphasis on patient safety, there has been a shift in microsurgery training to simulation environments. This paper reviews the stepwise framework of microsurgical skill acquisition providing a cost analysis of basic microsurgery courses in order to aid planning and dissemination of microsurgical training worldwide.

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synjoshArchives of Plastic Surgery: A Cost Analysis

NCCC Surgical Technology and SynDaver

Surgical technology instructors along with a practicing surgeon are able to use the SSH in our state of the art simulated operating room, to mimic real surgical cases in a step by step fashion, to greatly enhance student learning. This allows students to completely prepare for and assist with surgeries as they would realistically progress, prior to entering the clinical site operating rooms. Rather than seeing the anatomy and surgical methods used in this case on our SSH, this video allows students to see the functions of a surgical technologist providing perioperative patient care and surgeon assistance. All members of the surgical team on this video are Certified Surgical Technologists except for the surgeon (in the “stars” cap). The scenario is true to the surgical experience in a real operating room, on a real patient.

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synjoshNCCC Surgical Technology and SynDaver