Synthetic Death at the University of Northern Iowa

The University of Northern Iowa’s biology department will soon be able to enhance hands-on experience with synthetic cadavers.

The biology department will receive the four specimens in coffin-sized packages filled with seawater spring semester; after that, biology students will no longer dissect cat cadavers as part of their learning in the biology program.


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synjoshSynthetic Death at the University of Northern Iowa

Central New Mexico CC Gets Synthetic Cadavers

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Students at Central New Mexico Community College have learned about the human body from cadavers for years. Now those cadavers have been replaced by synthetic, but very realistic cadavers.

CNM received two synthetic cadavers, running at about $50,000 each, from the company SynDaver Labs this summer. Before the synthetic cadavers, CNM’s anatomy and physiology classes would go through six to eight cadavers a year.

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synjoshCentral New Mexico CC Gets Synthetic Cadavers

Cindy, the User-Friendly Cadaver

Mark Danley carefully pulls on a pair of latex gloves, then uncovers the lifeless adult female form on the table. He folds back the two flaps of her severed chest, exposing the heart, lungs and other internal organs.

For just a moment, a slightly sharp chemical odor drifts from the body. Four young women look on, saying little, seemingly transfixed by the view inside the human body.

“We actually have to open up her chest like she’s having cardiac surgery,” Danley tells them.

But the woman on the table, Cindy, is not having surgery. In fact, she has never even been alive. She is an artificial cadaver, all 100 pounds of her – muscles and organs, tendons and teeth, blood vessels and bones. She was manufactured solely to take the place of the real thing in a human anatomy lab at the Central New Mexico Community College, where Danley is a biology instructor.

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synjoshCindy, the User-Friendly Cadaver

Synthetic Cadaver Lab Opens at Stanbridge College

Stanbridge College Opens the First Synthetic Human Cadaver Lab on the West Coast With Fully Synthetic Human Cadavers From SynDaver™ Labs for Its Healthcare Programs

IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 4, 2014) – Stanbridge College, a private college that offers Master, Bachelor, and Associate of Science degree and diploma programs in Healthcare and Information Technology, has opened the first Synthetic Human Cadaver Lab on the West Coast as a training resource for its students. The lab includes two synthetic full-body human cadavers including bones, muscles, blood vessels, veins and organs from SynDaver™ Labs. It also includes six isolated arm and six isolated leg models. Stanbridge College is the first higher education institution in California and the West Coast to use the SynDaver synthetic human cadaver for medical training.

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synjoshSynthetic Cadaver Lab Opens at Stanbridge College

SynDaver Synthetic Human Supporting Wound Research


Scientists at Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio (NAMRU-SA) are among the first to use the SynDaver Synthetic Human (SSH), an anatomically accurate synthetic human replica, to support test and evaluation efforts that aim to characterize the performance and effectiveness of various treatment modalities used in combat casualty care.

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synjoshSynDaver Synthetic Human Supporting Wound Research

NCCC Surgical Technology and SynDaver

Surgical technology instructors along with a practicing surgeon are able to use the SSH in our state of the art simulated operating room, to mimic real surgical cases in a step by step fashion, to greatly enhance student learning. This allows students to completely prepare for and assist with surgeries as they would realistically progress, prior to entering the clinical site operating rooms. Rather than seeing the anatomy and surgical methods used in this case on our SSH, this video allows students to see the functions of a surgical technologist providing perioperative patient care and surgeon assistance. All members of the surgical team on this video are Certified Surgical Technologists except for the surgeon (in the “stars” cap). The scenario is true to the surgical experience in a real operating room, on a real patient.

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synjoshNCCC Surgical Technology and SynDaver

Demonstration of Synthetic Cadaver at Medical School

Medical education at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix has received a big boost with the latest in simulation technology from SynDaver™ Labs – and the city will get an economic boost as well.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, UA College of Medicine – Phoenix Dean Stuart D. Flynn, MD, and SynDaver™ Labs’ President Christopher Sakezles, PhD, on Wednesday, announced an exclusive collaboration between the medical school and Tampa, Fla.,-based SynDaver™ Labs. Sakezles said it could create up to 1,000 jobs over the next several years.

“We are bringing SynDaver to the forefront of medical education,” said Teresa Wu, MD, an emergency room physician at Maricopa Medical Center and faculty member of the college. “We are developing a team of syndaver practitioners that is going to help enhance medical education and improve patient safety.”

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synjoshDemonstration of Synthetic Cadaver at Medical School