Ad featuring life-saving synthetic technology censored by Facebook

TAMPA, Fla. – SynDaver Labs, a U.S.-based bio-technology company, tried to boost a Facebook post about their newest product, the SynDaver Synthetic Canine, on Wednesday morning, but minutes after the attempt, Facebook censored the post, citing “Advertising Policies.”

The video in question is a new promotional video featuring the SynDaver Synthetic Canine.

According to Facebook, the “boosted post’s image, video thumbnail or video can’t contain shocking, sensational or excessively violent content.”

Ironically, all of the content in the video, which could be deemed shocking, is synthetic and manufactured by SynDaver Labs.

“One of our goals is to produce the most realistic looking, feeling and responsive tissues, organs and bodies for both human and veterinary medical education and training,” said Dr. Christopher Sakezles, founder of SynDaver Labs. “I see this as a testament to how successful we have been at replicating the realism, but to see this level of censorship and not be able to promote our product via Facebook is nonetheless, disappointing.”

The SynDaver Canine is similar to SynDaver’s synthetic human models. They are anatomically accurate, with synthetic tissue, synthetic fat, synthetic bones, synthetic muscles, synthetic ligaments, fully articulating synthetic joints, and each of the bodily systems are also synthetic.

The SynDaver Synthetic Canine has been acclaimed by experts in the veterinary industry and is already scheduled to be used by the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine this fall.

About SynDaver Labs
SynDaver Labs manufactures synthetic humans for training in schools, hospitals and military installations. SynDaver has the world’s largest database of live-tissue properties and all SynDaver tissues are made from water, salts, and fibers. The company currently has 10 patents on these materials, processes, and related products. SynDaver Labs is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and employs nearly 100 people. The company also has an advanced research facility located in Phoenix, Arizona and is planning additional facilities in the U.S., China, Europe, and Latin America.

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Calisse RevillaAd featuring life-saving synthetic technology censored by Facebook