SynDaver Synthetic Human Launch

After nearly twenty years of basic materials research, more than ten years of live tissue testing, and two years of alpha and beta testing, the SynDaver™ Synthetic Human officially launched today. This technology features removable and replaceable bones, muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves, organs, and skin – all made from our experimentally validated library of SynTissue™ synthetic human tissues. The first product in this line is the female torso, to be followed in Q4 2011 by the full female body, and the full male body in Q2 2012.

Customers purchasing the SynDaver™ Synthetic Human will receive no-cost upgrades to tissues, organs, and anatomical systems as they become available for a period of two years after purchase. Comprehensive extended service contracts are also available.

synjoshSynDaver Synthetic Human Launch