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SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model

Our SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model includes all of the major skeletal and muscular structures present in typical human anatomy.

The SynDavers are the most realistic synthetic representation of human anatomy ever produced. This education-grade synthetic human cadaver complete with all bones, joints, muscles, and tendons in normal human anatomy.


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Product Description

The SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model is an ideal alternative to human cadavers in basic anatomy classes. The tissues are a better representation of live tissue than the dead tissue of a cadaver and unlike an actual cadaver, the SynDaver can last virtually forever with proper maintenance.

SynDaver synthetic human tissues have been developed over the last two decades to mimic the physical properties of live tissue. Thanks to this technology, students can become familiar with the look and feel of a live human body without specialized facilities, risk of exposure to bio-hazards, or compromising a live patient.

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