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Investor News

SynDaver is currently screening potential accredited investors for our next private offering. Minimum investment is $100,000.

SynDaver is a mission-driven company from top to bottom. Our customers come first, our employees second, and our investors third. Some people might find it odd that we would point this out on our investor page. However, because of this approach our products are by far the best in the industry, our employees love working here, and our sales are growing at a rapid rate. THIS is how you build shareholder value and sustainable growth at the same time.


SynDaver designs and builds the world’s most sophisticated synthetic human and animal bodies. Our products are used across a wide range of industries, from medical device testing and surgical training to military weapons and armor development.

Customer Base

Our customer base is broad, diverse, and global. We sell to every Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer, the best hospitals and medical schools in the world, and educational institutions with EMT, nursing, anatomy, veterinary medicine, dentistry, engineering, mortuary science, surgical technician, physical therapy and sports science programs. We now even sell to middle school and high-school biology programs.

Our educational customers include Beijing Science and Technology University (China), Harvard, MIT, Oxford (UK), Stanford, Yale, and thousands of others.

Our industrial customers include Apple, Ford, General Electric, Google, Lear, Microsoft, Nike, Procter and Gamble, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and many others.

Our government customers include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. State Department, the Health Services of Canada and the UK, and every branch of the U.S. military. We also sell to NATO and other friendly militaries worldwide.

Our media customers include ABC, AMC, CBS, NBC, PBS and The Discovery Channel. Our products have been seen on too many news programs to list, as well as “Shark Tank” (ABC and CNBC), “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC), “CSI” (CBS), “Mythbusters” (Discovery), “Crossbones” (NBC), “Shipping Wars” (AMC) and “Quest” (PBS).

Research and Development

SynDaver is constantly refining technologies, seeking new markets for existing products, and designing new products for emerging applications. In late 2016 we launched SynDaver Canine for the veterinary medical education community and in 2017 we will launch a new version of the synthetic human platform (SSH Patient) that incorporates an open-sourced and real-time physiology engine.

Over the next decade we plan on using our disruptive technology to claim a much larger share of the $2 Billion healthcare simulation market.

Historical Performance

SynDaver has been in business for approximately 13 years, and over the most recent four year period the company has grown on average more than 70% annually. The company is on track to double in size this year and we expect to at least triple in size in 2018.

Plans for Growth

SynDaver is developing newborn, preemie, and pediatric versions of the synthetic human product line. These models will enable surgical training in the neonatal and pediatric space in a way that is currently not possible without risking an actual human life.

The company has also developed a surgical canine model that is now permanently in use at the University of Florida, Texas A&M, the University of Saskatchewan and many other schools, where it has completely replaced the use of both live dogs and canine cadavers in surgical education programs! The company is already working on additional animal models including cat, horse and rabbit.

Over the next 24 months SynDaver Labs will begin opening new service facilities in Europe, China and Brazil.

Finally, the company recently began offering leasing terms and extended financing options for many of our most popular simulators. This will significantly increase our potential customer base in the education marketplace.

Corporate Governance

Dr. Christopher Sakezles is the founder, President, Chief Technology Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for SynDaver. The company is advised by a team of experts drawn from the medical device industry as well as thought leaders in surgical simulation and medical education.

Significant Recent Hires

Vice President of Operations – Bill Wright
Vice President of Global Sales – Mark Owens
Vice President of Veterinary Technologies – Dr. David Danielson
Vice President of Global Marketing – Kevin King
Director of Supply Chain and Business Systems – Sam Olsen
Director of Employee Benefits and Resources – Stacey Rodriguez
Manager of Veterans Outreach – Broc Hooten

Expected Upcoming Hires:

Financial Controller

Investor Kit

SynDaver Labs periodically offers a variety of investment vehicles via private offering. Please note that we verify identity and require a nondisclosure agreement before a prospectus is issued. To be considered please fill out the form below. Our investment minimum is $100,000 USD.