G3 Silicone Anatomy Arm

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Our SynDaver Silicone Anatomy Arm includes all of the major skeletal, muscular, and cartilaginous structures between the scapula and the fingertips. This model is made from silicone and polymer composites, so unlike our standard wet-tissue products this model can be stored on a shelf!

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Our silicone anatomy arm is identical in structure to the standard wet-tissue anatomy arm but the model is made from silicone (muscles, nerves and vasculature) and polymer composite (bones). This education-grade model includes bones, fully articulating joints, muscles, tendons, veins, arteries and nerves. Since the model is made from silicone and dry polymers wet storage is not required.

Structural Features: Skeletal, muscular, fascial, and cartilaginous structures of the shoulder, upper arm, forearm, wrist and hand.

Articulating Joints: Shoulder, elbow, wrist and digits.

Construction Materials: Polymer composite bones with integral fascia sheath. Muscular tissues are organosilicate composite.

Age / Sex: Adult female.

Length / Mass: 70cm x 10kg.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 6 × 6 in