SynDaver Academic Multimodal Project Kit (SAMM)

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The SynDaver Academic Multimodal Project Kit is designed for the STEAM learning community. After course completion, participants will be able to use CURA, understand the basics of Zbrush, and will be trained in 3D printing. The kit is designed to be a semester-long project that enables students to prepare a digital model and 3D print a functioning human manikin. The product focused on facilitating hands-on learning experiences centered around engineering, technology, science, and art.

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With SAMM’s applied approach curriculum, which is broken down into four essential kits, students will learn fundamentals in 3D technologies in conjunction with engineering pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic systems to create an entry-level manikin. By the end of the course, students will be able to assess and troubleshoot these technologies. enjoying the process of assembling a fully functioning product from start to finish.

3D Technology 

Students will learn to transfer an open source library of digital files from the design software to 3D print-ready code, which will enable them to print, post-process, and build a manikin in the classroom. In addition, students will learn how to assess, troubleshoot, and correct common 3D printing errors.

Pneumatic Engineering 

Students will learn the basics of assembling air compressor hardware and tube circuitry to create an active respiratory system.

Hydraulic Engineering 

Students will learn the basics of assembling a plumbing circuit from a central water pump and sump throughout the manikin to simulate pulses in major arteries throughout the body.

Electronic Engineering 

Students will learn basic technology skills in electrical engineering to build an electronic system that controls the manikin. Students will learn to assemble wiring and connect a tablet via bluetooth to create a unified electronic system that allows the user to control the manikin’s pneumatic and hydraulic systems remotely.