Ameritech becomes first college in Salt Lake City to adopt SynDaver’s life-like synthetic humans

The college intends to use SynDaver’s unparalleled simulation technology to support student understanding of human anatomy and better prepare them for medical careers.

SALT LAKE CITY – Ameritech College of Healthcare will soon become the first school in the Salt Lake City area to begin using SynDaver’s second-generation Anatomy Model, a full-sized, head-to-toe synthetic human, which provides students with hands-on learning opportunities for anatomy and physiology.

The two SynDaver Anatomy Models purchased by Ameritech were delivered last month and will begin classroom use in the fall 2019 semester at the college’s new state-of-the-art clinical simulation center in Draper, Utah. The new facility will include a brand new anatomy and physiology lab, which will house the life-sized SynDavers.

The SynDaver Anatomy Models will be used by first-semester students enrolled in the college’s anatomy and physiology course, giving them a hands-on immersive learning lab experience designed to teach them the different structures of each body system.

The class is currently offered to students enrolled in Ameritech’s associate and bachelor nursing programs, as well as the occupational therapy assistant program.

“As one of Utah’s largest nursing colleges, we decided to go with SynDaver because of their exceptional quality and durability,” said Josh Knotts, vice president of strategy and marketing at Ameritech. “Our use of the SynDaver technology is an important part of our broader continued effort to invest heavily in ensuring our graduates are skilled, successful and sought-after by employers.”

The SynDaver Anatomy Models’ tissues are composed of water, fibers and salts, similar to a living organism so they accurately mimic the textual feel and response of live tissue. The model is equipped with replaceable muscles, vasculature, organs and more.

SynDaver’s synthetic technology is an animal-friendly and cost-effective education tool that can be used to elevate student interest and, therefore, comprehension of anatomy-related coursework.

“By investing in hyper-realistic simulation devices, like the SynDaver Anatomy Model, Ameritech is further demonstrating their commitment to leveraging technology to provide their students with the best possible learning outcomes,” said Dr. Christopher Sakezles, CEO and founder of SynDaver. “Having our technology chosen to be incorporated into their new clinical simulation center is an honor and we are excited to see how the educators and students there put our technology to use.”

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About SynDaver
Headquartered in Tampa, SynDaver is the world’s leading manufacturer of hyper-realistic, synthetic human and animal models for medical education, training and surgical simulation. SynDaver’s synthetic bodies mimic live tissue properties and are used by high schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, medical device companies and the military for training, testing and validation. SynDaver has the world’s largest database of live-tissue properties. Made from a proprietary formula of water, salts and fibers, the company holds 14 patents on their materials, processes and the related products. SynDaver has more than 100 employees at its facilities in the U.S. and is planning additional facilities in Europe, China, Brazil and India. SynDaver products have been lauded by industry experts and earned a cult following after appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank, MythBusters, Grey’s Anatomy and the series finale of CSI. For more information on SynDaver or their product offerings, visit

About Ameritech College of Healthcare

Since 1979, Ameritech College of Healthcare has been committed to preparing outstanding health professionals. Over the past several decades, thousands of graduates have chosen Ameritech to assist them with their career transition into the nursing profession, as well as a variety of health-related fields.

The college provides accelerated pathways to health careers through expert faculty dedicated to the needs of the student. Students who graduate from Ameritech are known for their preparedness and their ability to pass licensure examinations at a rate consistently above state and national averages. The college offers programs in Nursing at the associate and bachelors level, and recently launched Utah’s first Direct Entry MSN program. Ameritech also offers occupational therapy assistant and medical assistant programs.

Most faculty have years of practical experience in their professions, with many holding doctorate degrees in their related fields. For more information about Ameritech, please visit or call 801-816-1444.

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Calisse RevillaAmeritech becomes first college in Salt Lake City to adopt SynDaver’s life-like synthetic humans