SynDaver selected as an awardee for $186 million government contract

TAMPA, Fla. – SynDaver, an advanced biotechnology company specializing in the creation of synthetic humans and synthetic animals for medical testing and training, was recently selected as an awardee of a $186 million contract from the Department of the Army’s Joint Project Management Office for Medical Modeling and Simulation (JPMO MMS).

SynDaver’s new Global Government Business Unit will lead the effort on support and delivery of the contract, which will include both virtual patient simulation systems (VPSS) and whole body patient simulators (WBPS) for use in human and veterinary medical training.

According to a recent announcement from the Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command at ACC – Orlando (W900KK), the simulators supplied by SynDaver will simulate whole body anatomy/physiology and will be integrated into developmental solutions used for training, evaluating and certifying personnel in multiple medical tasks and skills.

The five-year Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity contract (MA ID/IQC) will require training devices to be delivered to locations within and outside of the U.S.

“The awarding of this contract is a major milestone for SynDaver and our new Global Government Business Unit. We are honored to have the opportunity to provide our products to the men and women serving within the armed forces,” said Mr. Mark Owens, Vice President of the Global Government Business Unit for SynDaver. “Through the use of SynDaver’s sophisticated and lifelike simulation systems, military servicemembers will be able to receive enhanced and more realistic training for a wide scope of medical scenarios.”

SynDaver’s Synthetic Humans, animals and task trainers mimic the anatomy of live patients in great detail, including individual muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, nerves and organs, which are all made from complex composites that mimic the properties of discrete living tissues. The company’s synthetic tissues are made from water, fibers, and salts. Each of these non-toxic non-latex tissues have been validated for mechanical, physicochemical, thermal and dielectric properties against the relevant living tissue.

Additionally, SynDaver maintains the world’s largest database of live tissue properties and the company’s products are designed for advanced surgical simulation, and poly-trauma individual and team training. They are used in diverse fields such as medical device testing, consumer products evaluation and ballistics testing.

SynDaver products are designed to be used in anatomy education, surgical simulation, funeral science education, clinical training, medical device testing, consumer product testing, crash testing, movie and television media, and military product development. Currently used around the globe, SynDaver products are replacing live animals in development tests, replacing human cadavers in anatomy instruction, surgical training and mortuary science, and utilized by military medics and first responders in trauma scenarios, battlefield medical training and other life-support training situations.

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About SynDaver
Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, SynDaver is the world’s leading manufacturer of hyper-realistic, synthetic human and animal surgical trainers. SynDaver’s synthetic bodies simulate fully-functioning live organisms and are primarily used for training in schools, hospitals and military installations. SynDaver has the world’s largest database of live-tissue properties and all SynDaver tissues are made from water, salts and fibers. The company currently has 10 patents on these materials, processes and related products. Currently, SynDaver employs more than 100 people at their Tampa facility and is planning additional facilities in the U.S., China, Europe and Latin America.

SynDaver products have been lauded by industry experts and earned a cult following after appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank, MythBusters, Grey’s Anatomy, and the series finale of CSI. The company’s models are also expected to feature prominently in multiple episodes of the upcoming MythBusters 2.0.

synjoshSynDaver selected as an awardee for $186 million government contract