Breathing bleeding synthetic body company coming to Texas

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – SynDaver Labs, a manufacturer of synthetic human and animal surgical trainers, is scheduled to attend the North American Veterinary Community’s 2017 Veterinary Innovation Summit from Apr. 28-30 at Texas A&M University.

SynDaver Augmented Reality2Throughout the three day event, representatives from SynDaver will provide demonstrations of the company’s live-tissue replacement trainers and will unveil their latest model, a virtual reality multimedia platform that incorporates both human and animal anatomy renderings.

The table-sized device works by utilizing a touch sensitive LCD surface to allow students to view and manipulate digital renderings of human and animal anatomical structures.

“We are very excited to be able to bring this technology to the North American market,” said Dr. Christopher Sakezles, founder of SynDaver Labs. “Having a device like this is a game changer for classrooms because it will allow students to learn anatomy the SynDaver way, with both our tangible and virtual models in the same space.”SynDaver Augmented Reality

Additionally, SynDaver recently delivered 15 new SynDaver Surgical Canines to the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University. The models will be used as the centerpiece of the school’s surgical training program during the 2017-18 school year and offer students a realistic alternative to live animal training.

Much like the SynDaver Synthetic Human, the SynDaver Surgical Canine is made of water, fibers and salts, similar to a real living organism and mimics live tissue. The device can breathe and bleed just like a real dog and has individual muscles, bones, and organs. Additionally, the synthetic canine can be operated on repeatedly without any risk to live animals.

Finally, SynDaver will also begin its search for a site to host a new Texas-based facility. Plans for the new facility are still underway, however the location will be used as an operations center for the company’s product refurbishment program.

Texans interested in seeing SynDaver’s products up close can do so by visiting The Health Museum at 1515 Hermann Drive in Houston, Texas.

About SynDaver Labs
Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, SynDaver Labs is the world’s leading manufacturer of hyper-realistic, synthetic human and animal surgical trainers. SynDaver’s synthetic bodies simulate fully-functioning live organisms and are primarily used for training in schools, hospitals and military installations. SynDaver has the world’s largest database of live-tissue properties and all SynDaver tissues are made from water, salts and fibers. The company currently has 10 patents on these materials, processes and related products. Currently, SynDaver Labs employs more than 100 people at their Tampa facility and is planning additional facilities in the U.S., China, Europe and Latin America.

SynDaver Labs products have been lauded by industry experts and earned a cult following after appearances on ABC’s Shark Tank, MythBusters, Grey’s Anatomy, and the series finale of CSI. The company’s models are also expected to feature prominently in multiple episodes of the upcoming MythBusters 2.0.

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Calisse RevillaBreathing bleeding synthetic body company coming to Texas