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Thrombus Designer

The SynDaver thrombus designer allows you to build thrombus models from our patented library of SynTissue brand synthetic lesion tissues. These novel materials have been experimentally designed on the basis of tests performed on actual lesion samples (provided by our clients) to mimic the physical properties of lesions in vivo. They are fabricated using an established and proven process so that test results are always reproducible and repeatable.

The size, relative age (toughness) and color of these models may be selected below. If you require different dimensions or characteristics please call and ask to speak with a technical sales representative.

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Product Description

Size: Thrombus models are irregular in shape. The measurements shown below are a composite of measurements in two directions. These models are sold 10 per lot.

Age: Age determines the consistency and structure of actual thrombi in vivo. As time goes by these lesions transform, becoming harder, more dense, and fibrotic. We mimic this time-dependent change through modulation of both the lesion formula and fabrication process.

Color: Thrombus models are the color of deoxygenated blood by default. If the colorant is omitted the lesion exhibits an opaque off-white color.

Placement: These lesions may be installed in any vascular model (purchased separately) as long as the dimensions are appropriate. If the composite lesion diameter is greater than vessel diameter in which it is installed the vessel will be occluded.

Docs: SynDaver Care and Storage Guide, Print Friendly Information Sheet

SynTissue synthetic human tissues made from salt, water and fiber – which feature the world’s most realistic tactility.

All of our products are made in the USA.

Product is shipped vacuum packed in storage fluid.  Shelf life is 90 days unless otherwise specified.

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in

01mm, 02mm, 03mm, 04mm, 05mm, 06mm, 07mm, 08mm, 09mm, 10mm


Newly Formed (Diffuse), Immature (Fibrous), Mature (Dense Fibrotic)


Standard (Red), No Color


Not Installed, Installed (+ $25)