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SOF Suit

The SOF (Special Operations Forces) Suit is the world’s only wearable surgical trainer that employs realistic synthetic human tissues. The materials of construction are the same as those used in the SynDaver Synthetic Human – made from water, salts and fibers – which mimic the mechanical, physical and dielectric properties of live tissue. Unlike other simulators on the market which are made of unrealistic silicone rubber, the SynDaver SOF Suit will allow for suspension of disbelief during field trauma (combat or civilian) training scenarios.

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Product Description

Surgical procedures

• Thoracic and abdominal laparotomy and exploratory surgery
• Abdominal hemorrhage control with ligation, clamping, wound packing.
• Cricothyroidotomy and tracheotomy
• Bilateral needle chest decompression
• Bilateral chest tube placement
• Suturing, stapling and electrocautery of all organs, vasculature, and skin sites.
• GI tract anastomosis
• Liver biopsy and partial lobectomy
• Splenectomy and biopsy
• Appendectomy

Extraordinary Features

• The SOF suit may be placed on either a patient simulator or worn by a live actor.
• Comprehensive armor to protect wearer from surgical procedures.
• It may be or worn by a live actor during physical activities at the simulated point of injury.
• Uniforms, armor and other gear maybe worn over the SOF Suit.
• The end user can interact with either the patient simulator or live actor during the assessment and treatment process.
• The SOF Suit features internal organs, vasculature and skin that are user repairable and replaceable.
• Organs and skins with a variety of trauma and pathologies are available and the end user can also create custom wounds on the fly.

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NOTE: This product ships from our Elstree (UK) facility and is available for sale worldwide excepting the United States.