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EKG Simulator


The ad free SynDaver EKG simulator can be run along with any medical training manikin to add another layer of realism to your simulations. The app offers a standalone mode where variables can be set  by an intuitive  slider based interface. Variables that are currently able to be set include beats per minute, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, respiration rate, SpO2, and temperature. These values are displayed both numerically and by color coordinated dynamic waveform with mutable audio indicators for the heart rate. It also offers Bluetooth control when the same app is installed on two paired android devices, allowing an instructor to update the display remotely in real time in response to student interactions or to modify the training scenario on the fly.

Additional instructions for usage can be found here.

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Product Description

Update 3/1/16:
Increased size of editor boxes for drawing waveforms to make drawing easier, especially on smaller devices.
Made some changes to make custom drawn waveforms more accurately depicted on display screen.
Reduced max BPM to 150 to prevent some drawing issues seen at higher BPM settings.
Changed drawing of the breath waveform to make it more organic in appearance.

Update 2/29/16:
Some performance enhancements
Scaling issues with smaller devices
Systolic and diastolic settings being reversed has been fixed
Typo m/s fixed to read ms
Increased button sizes on smaller devices on the main screen
Graphical issues that only appeared on first app run were fixed

Update 2/24/16:
Version 3.0 is nearly a complete redesign.
It should address compatibility issues with some devices.
We removed predefined wave forms and replaced them with an editor. You can now specify a normal waveform aan irregular beat waveform as well as set the chance of the irregular beat occurring.
Added switch for C or F temp display.
Implemented Arrhythmia better, with a selector for deviation in milliseconds.
(Arrhythmia settings only works on <100 BPM)
Added multiple tones and a selection between them.
Removed presets in favor of the wave editor.