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Lifecast ALS Baby

Introducing the Lifecast Body Simulation New Born Baby. A highly accurate and lifelike new born designed and manufactured in the UK. Based on the scan of a real infant, the New Born Baby features life like fine details such as veins and underlying structures as well as optional hair.  An umbilical cord can be requested and New Born Baby is available in wide range of ethnicities. Created to an average new born weight and size, the New Born Baby encourages more natural handling, bringing a new level of realism to medical training.

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Product Description


Step wise airway management – Upper Airway Mouth, Bag Valve Mask Ventilation, Supraglottic Insertion, Intubatable


Intraosseous Insertions in Tibia (Optional Extra)

Standard Weight 2.2

Closed Eyelids

No Hair or Hand Punched Hair (Optional Extra)

Optional Umbilical Cord

Wide Range of Ethnicities Available at extra cost

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